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"We'd never know how high we are, till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky" - Emily Dickinson

photo by Ivette Fuentes Lugo

 photo by Ivette Fuentes Lugo

HI! My name is Karen Bell and I want to welcome you to my efolio page.

Thank you for coming to my efolio site. This site will give insight to my academic development and my journey in getting my degree in Liberal Studies. I am a senior at San Francisco State University and my goal is to become an elementary school teacher before becoming a principal.

 For most of my life, I thought my career was going to be in medicine. Over the years, I have discovered that I want to give to others in a different way. My intellectual autobiography gives a portion of that journey, and for the first time, I feel like I am following the path that I have always meant to follow.

Teaching has become my way of "saving" someone. The most rewarding part of teaching is witnessing children learn and understand new concepts and ideas.

Thank you for visiting my page!

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