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The values I have listed below are the ones that I feel are the most important. I apply these values in my personal and professional life.

(11/4/2010 5:25 PM)

All of these values are important and I take pride in having them because I know that this is something that I not only in my professional life but my personal life as well.

photo by Brooke Meredith

photo by Brooke Meredith


Patient - Teaching is something that takes time. In order for students to learn, teachers need to be able to allow students time to teach and learn. Patience is a quality that is essential for the learning environment.

(3/6/2011 10:02 PM)

"Patience is a virtue." For many years, I did not understand what this meant. But this simple statement continues to play over and over in my mind. My mother taught this to me and I will teach it to my own children.


I enjoy working hard and seeing results. It is a rewarding experience for me to know that the work that I put in has an effect and can be important. I believe that teaching is like having your own business, it never stops and I will not stop until my task is done.

(3/6/2011 10:06 PM)

My work ethic is evident in the end results. I give my all in making sure that I do my job completely and well. The only thing I know that I am still working on is delegation.


In a job, responsibility is the key especially when it comes to taking care of other people's children. It is a value that employers not only look for in their employees but expect from their employees as well. When I think of responsibility, I also add punctuality in the same category. I believe that in order to be a responsible person, you should also make sure that you are not late.

(11/6/2010 3:17 PM)

I was raised in a strict household. Tardiness and not taking ownership was something that would get me into trouble. I have learned that these values have made me into a very responsible adult. I am lucky to have such a great mother.

Detail Orientated

Attention to detail is something that is important to get the big picture completed. If little details are not addressed, a part of that big picture could be affected. I added this to my values section because I value taking that extra step and I value seeing other people take that extra step as well. The little things can mean a lot.

(3/6/2011 10:03 PM)

Whenever I get a project or plan a party, I look at details. The details of not just something that I have done but also the details of other peoples work. I think it adds something special to what I am doing as well as others. Recently I got married to my partner and I did everything by hand. I feel like the details is what really mattered. Now, I am not going to say that it is the same in every situation but it is usually a priority in my book.

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