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Behavioral Sciences

PSY 330: Child Development is a course that I took in place of SS 300 (Social Science). This course focused on the growth of a child until adolescence by looking at different psychological theories like Freud and Piaget.


This class contained a lot of information that I believe is helpful for anyone working with children and adolescents. In this class, I had to write two observation papers. The attached article is the paper I wrote after I observed one mother's parenting styles with her five year old daughter.

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Social Sciences

AAS 300: Asian Americans in California is a course that I took in place of SS 301. This course looked critically at Asian Americans contributions to building and development of California from the mid 1800's to the 1990's. Most of the class consisted of lecture and take home quizzes that dealt with the history of California. In the class, the professor focused on Asian Americans in California and the events that Asians and Asian Americans went through during the 1800-1900's.


I originally took this class because I thought it would be an interesting course to learn about my mother's heritage. It was intriguing to learn history from another ethnic group's perspective. This was my first experience to get the "other side of the story." After years of European history lessons, it was great to learn history looking at history from Asian Americans perspectives.

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