This description comes from SFSU 2010-2011 Bulletin:

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary major encompassing all areas of knowledge in the arts sciences, social sciences, and language.

The program provides the broad academic background necessary for future teachers and is an excellent segue for advanced studies in graduate school. The major may be planned with a particular career in mind, such as government or public service, business, counseling, law, librarianship, teaching, medicine & health, non-profit service, management, or work in multicultural communities.

(11/2/2010 4:04 PM)

When I heard about the Liberal Studies Program, I was very hesitant about choosing this for my degree. I was afraid that this degree would not give me any real skills. In the last year and a half, I have taken a number of classes that are so wide range that I feel like I can use everything that I have learned and apply it to any kind of field or job. I am gaining confidence in myself and my degree.