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Standing Tall

photo by Ivette Fuentes Lugo

 photo by Ivette Fuentes Lugo

Senior Seminar

In the final semester at San Francisco State University, every graduating Liberal Studies senior needs to take this course. This course focuses on applying the interdisciplinary ideas and using them for research and a project proposal.

Food justice is the focus for my class and my project focuses on food justice and education. More specifically, my project deals with serving breakfast in the classroom and implementing the meal into my curriculum. Since my emphasis is on multi-ethnic studies, I plan on using the food to discuss different areas from where the food comes from and some meanings (if applicable) of the food in relation to that ethnic community and locale.


Even though I am still in the beginning of this course, I am enjoying it so far. It is very different from my other courses because it is a seminar class (something I am still learning about) that deals with discussion. The other portion of the class is more of an independent study that each student does on their own time to work on their proposal project.


This class has been challenging and very interesting. For the first time, I am able to propose my own idea, write a proposal, and hopefully one day take this idea to a school I am teaching in and implement it. I have never taken a seminar class before and I noticed that at times, I would feel lost and unfocused. Now that I am finishing my proposal I now see the purpose of this course. Writing my proposal in LS 690, I can see how this class prepares students for graduate school and writing their thesis and/or dissertation.

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Final Presentation

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